The Communities of Giving Legacy Initiative (CGLI) is a program of the Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo.  The CGLI supports organizational growth along with the development staff and board members of minority non-profits. The CGLI provides organization development, networking and workshops on topics relevant to the agencies’ development.  

Event Marketing & Development was one such workshop.  Seven non-profits participated in a half-day tutorial that included instruction, sharing and hands-on event project development. Magellan Group associates Marta Hiczewski, Gaby DeRose and Nancy Martin led the workshop and worked one-on-one with each group to ensure they were able to fully integrate the concepts discussed in the session. 
The Magellan Group stresses strategy when developing and marketing an organization’s event.  Events should tie directly to an organization’s initiatives.  Eighty percent of the effort behind an event should be part of the planning phase. This includes identifying objectives, target markets and how the organization will leverage the event to engage future donors as well as raise funds following the event.