The Magellan Group has deep generational roots in the Cuban exile community in the United States. Exile stirs many feelings. It also breeds passion for our people. We feel a special connection surrounding the support and service of Latinos in need of a hand up.  Our family has suffered and subsequently thrived in exile because of a community willing to offer its hand. This is the story of one client organization committed to offering their hand in service in Monroe County, NY.

Igniting Potential

For over 50 years, Ibero American Action League  has advocated for the undeserved in the Rochester community. Ibero is a culturally competent, multi-service organization serving Latinos and others in need, across the age spectrum. Ibero is a trusted leader in the Latino community, They  serve as a conduit to services, a convener in addressing the needs of the Latino community and systems disparities and a leader of change in the Rochester community. Ibero’s focus is addressing the social determinants of health.

Since 1980, the Latino community in Monroe County has more than tripled in size. Growing from less than 17,000 to more than 60,000. The new census is expected to exceed 75,000. Hurricane Maria, the recent earthquake and a poor economy on the Island have all contributed to the influx over the last few years. Although, the move of Latinos to Monroe County and New York State comes from a variety of Caribbean, Central and South American countries. Nearly one in three Latino residents in Monroe County (34%) had incomes below the poverty line in 2012-2016. Reports well document the health disparities within the Monroe County Latino population

Angelica Perez-Delgado, is the recently appointed to CEO of Ibero American Action League. She is transforming the way in which it delivers services to this vulnerable population. As a young person, Angie was a recipient of the good work of the organization. Her  passion and dedication is clearly visible in the advocacy work of the organization. Central to Ibero’s mission is igniting the potential of individuals and families in New York State’s Latino community.

Transforming Service

This transformation is lead internally by the creation of the Community Resource Center (CRC).  The CRC is the agency “front door” providing access to internal programs and external partners guided by Ibero. The goal of CRC case managers is to move people to self-sufficiency and positively impact health outcomes. The CRC coordinates services to maximize the effectiveness of client service delivery and promote efficiency of client engagement. Getting people to the services they need internally or externally, supported with translation,  as soon as possible. This important service was funded through a Finger Lakes Performing Provider System’s (FLPPS) Medicaid Redesign Transformation Grant.

FLPPS is a New York State DSRIP (Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Program) initiative designed to find value within organization service delivery.  Medicaid’s goal is to improve health outcomes while lowering cost. Medicaid Redesign’s five-year goal was to lower Emergency Room visits and Hospital Readmissions saving NYS Medicaid millions of dollars each year.

The Magellan Group worked with Ibero as an organizational development consultant as part of the first FLPPS CBO initiative. In addition, Magellan takes a project leadership role with the Transformation Grant.

A key approach to finding value is a focus on the social determinants of health (SDH). The SDH include Economic Stability, Education, Social and Community Context, Neighborhood and Environment and Health and Health Care. Over all, a focus on the SDH accounts for nearly 80% of the improvements in an individual’s health.  Medical interventions and treatments account for 20%.  The “pills and needles” have a much smaller impact on the positive health outcomes of our population.

It is the work that Community Based Organizations, like Ibero, that can most impact the health of individuals in their community. Ibero is transforming the way the organization addresses internal program value to achieve self-sufficiency and positive health outcomes for clients.  This new approach is supported by a new client data management system. The systematic collection of client data is outcome driven evidence that validates their change in program delivery. Outcomes reporting suppors the move to Value-Based Payment (VBP) contracting.

Ibero’s leadership team and staff continue to service the community through the COVID19 crisis. Their essential workers support those with developmental disabilities living in Ibero homes.

If you are able, please consider donating to Ibero American Action League at