Magellan Group Client Feature – WNY BloodCare

WNY BloodCare is a federally licensed nonprofit independent, freestanding diagnostic and treatment center for persons with life-long bleeding and clotting disorders.  For more than 50 years, WNY BloodCare, formerly the Hemophilia Center of WNY, has provided clinic, lab and pharmacy services across the lifespan including, education and research to improve patient quality of life.

WNY BloodCare became a client of the Magellan Group in 2014, when a new Executive Director, took a deeper look at the organization’s internal financial processes and Governance practices.   The Magellan Group was engaged to assess the financial infrastructure, review business practices and make recommendations.  Those early recommendations lead to the reconfiguring of the business model to carve-in WNYBC’s 340b pharmaceutical program to strengthen the organization’s finances allowing for  enhanced patient care. This financial health has allowed the organization to support the UB School of Medicine with research awards and a fellowship in hemostasis and thrombosis.

Organizational success starts with quality service delivery that is supported by a strong business model yielding positive results.

Our work with WNY BloodCare spans business development, pharmacy administration, marketing and communications.  After years of discussion, the organization decided it was time to rebrand as many patients are not diagnosed with hemophilia and it might limit the people they can help.  Hence the name change and rebrand to Western New York BloodCare.  As part of their rebranding, the agency is engaged in a robust marketing and communications effort that includes a digital component creating  greater awareness and recognition across multiple platforms.

A key to sustaining and growing their organization is understanding the chronic life-long severity of bleeding disorders.  Individuals with bleeding disorders bleed into their joints, which is why WNY BloodCare invested in an advanced muscular-skeletal ultrasound to monitor the effects of their bleeding disorder on their joints over time.

Comprehensive Care

The organization’s Comprehensive Clinic, funded through the proceeds of the 340b program, provides patients with an opportunity to see professionals from multiple healthcare disciplines when making their annual visit.  Patients are able to benefit from medical providers, nurses, physical therapists, nutritionist, geneticist, dentist , social worker and pharmacist as well as have their lab work done right on site through their specialty laboratory.

This support and the pharmaceutical products now enable patients to infuse themselves at home to live regular lives.  While some activities remain on the “no fly” list, kids can now be kids, infusing before their baseball games or other lower impact sports.

Girls and Women’s Clinic

Three years ago, the organization embarked on a specialty clinic for girls and women.  The S.H.E. Clinic (Specialty Hematology Experts) pairs a hematologist  and OB/GYN to tackle bleeding disorders in women. Often, bleeding disorders go under-reported, unrecognized and under-diagnosed. Of those who present with heavy menstrual bleeding, as many as 30% could have a bleeding disorder. Bleeding disorders can leave one feeling isolated and unheard. The S.H.E. Clinic gives voice to those suffering in silence because of undiagnosed heavy menstrual bleeding conditions. This globally recognized clinic sets WNY BloodCare apart and is a direct result of this long-range planning and focus on viability.

In addition to clinical care, WNY BloodCare provides patients and their families with access to advocacy and educational support.  Nurses visit patient schools to educate teachers and nurses about bleeding disorders and dispel misconceptions.  Patients are also able to participate in research to improve the understanding of bleeding disorders and push forward new treatment options.

WNY BloodCare is actively pursuing strategic initiatives focused in three areas:

  • Improvements in patient care
  • Teaching, research and education
  • Giving back to the community

Located in the heart of the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus, WNY BloodCare is committed to superior comprehensive treatment for the community they serve.  Magellan Group’s role threads through many of these areas. It is our privilege and pleasure to work to support a forward thinking organization with a strong vision for the future.

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WNY BloodCare cares for individuals and families with bleeding and clotting disorders