Nonprofits are stepping up, as they have done for over a hundred years, to find ways to serve and support.

The Magellan Group works with nonprofits to help strengthen their infrastructures in order to successfully navigate past the challenges they face and take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace of service. http://magellanadvisory/services/ These, however, are extraordinary times.

While they struggle with continuing to provide services, they face the reality that their primary funders, philanthropic foundations, have lost nearly 30% of their portfolios. In recent years, foundation portfolios have substantially increased allowing them the resources to invest heavily in nonprofit community based organizations.

In these extraordinary times it is incumbent on those of us fortunate enough to  continue to draw a paycheck to help. We propose that each and everyone of us who fall into this category, take the money we would have been spending on gas, dry cleaning, travel, lunches and Happy Hour cocktails and make a donation to support a nonprofit during this time of crisis.

The organizations on this list are nonprofits with which we have worked.  We know the internals workings of these organizations and where they have come in their focus on effectiveness (quality programming) and efficiency (measurements and accountability).  These organizations are good stewards of your money.

Here are some you should check out that we recommend for:

Cradle Beach –

Harmonia Collaborative Care –

Wyoming County Community Action –

Ibero American Action League –

Housing Options Made Easy –

Buffalo Therapeutic Riding Center –

WNY BloodCare –

West Falls Center for the Arts –

Bornhava –

Buffalo & Erie County Botanical Gardens –

Hispanic Heritage Council –

Let’s make a difference one dollar at a time!