Rebranding – WNY BloodCare


Rebranding healthcare organizations can be tricky.  The Hemophilia Center of Western New York is now WNY BloodCare. has long been questioning whether their name accurately represented the bleeding and clotting populations they serve. When they were founded over 40 years ago, their patient population was strictly hemophiliacs.  Today, only a quarter of their client base are people with hemophilia.  In fact, they serve individuals and their families with a wide array of blood disorders.

As part of the organization’s long-range planning efforts, they have begun to look at intentionally extending service to individuals with blood disorders that currently lack comprehensive care.  Some of those with blood disorders either go undiagnosed or are unable to access treatment due to gaps in services.  Adults with Sickle Cell, for example, are limited in the specialized services available once they are no longer pediatric patients. The Hemophilia Center of WNY has begun the process of identifying the need in the community for diagnostic and treatment support for the larger blood disorder populations.

As part of their vision for the future, the Hemophilia Center of WNY is moving to a more visible location within the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus. The Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus is home to the University of Buffalo School of Medicine, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Oishei Children’s Hospital, the Gates Vascular Institute and Buffalo General Hospital, part of the Kaleida Hospital System.  This location will position the organization to offer sub-specialty clinical, sophisticated laboratory testing and specialty pharmacy services to individuals and healthcare organizations in the area.

In order to take best advantage of these opportunities, the Hemophilia Center of WNY engaged The Magellan Group LLC, to lead the rebranding of the organization.  Marta Hiczewski, partner in the Magellan Group, the organization through a creative approach that included creating a rebranding team made up of leadership and front-line service providers. The organization’s target audiences included current and prospective patients, physician referrers and external healthcare organizations highlighting their Specialists. Lab. Pharmacy.

The team wanted patients to easily understand that WNY BloodCare can provide the comprehensive care they need to diagnose and treat their unique conditions. The goal with Primary Care physicians and Gynecologist was to create awareness for referrals of patients in need of lab testing and comprehensive treatment.  External healthcare organizations may have sophisticated lab needs that WNY BloodCare can provide quickly and effectively. Magellan tested names and graphic marks with these stakeholders for that became input into the final design.

The WNY BloodCare graphic mark selected includes a logomark in the form of a hand encircling and holding a drop of blood along with the name and descriptive tag Specialists. Lab. Pharmacy.  The logomark can stand on its own graphicly expressing the tag Caring is in our Blood

Magellan’s marketing and communications rebranding efforts include redesigning collateral, stationary, website, video edits, social media, signage, direct mail, advertising and public relations.