Magellan Partner, Marta Hiczewski, MS, was approached by Business First to offer her thoughts on how business leaders can organize more effective sales and staff meetings as they plan for 2019. Marta has years of experience organizing and leading meetings of this very kind.  Her key wisdom is “take the time to prepare”.

No one likes sitting in an unproductive meeting.  The average person sits in five hours of meetings a week.  To an business owner or leader of an organization, time is money.  Having that employee sit in an meeting should be as productive as possible.  Prepare your meetings with thought to the outcome you want to obtain.  Tie it to a strategy.  Make sure everyone participating understands their role. Define how you will measure the success of the meeting. Track meeting actions, responsible parties and time lines to ensure meetings produce tangible results. Share your meeting agendas in advance, so participants can have the opportunity to come prepared.