The Canisius Center for Professional

Development has created a brainy business line – Neuromarketing. Led by Dr. Erikson G. Neilans, Neuromarketing is a multidisciplinary approach of traditional marketing, neuroscience and psychology to effectively study consumer behavior. Neuromarketing is dedicated to using value research methods and technology to provide an objective and comprehensive analysis of human behavior.

Major companies like Coca-Cola, Nabisco, JetBlue, Volkswagen and others use Neuromarketing in developing their marketing campaigns and commercial product advertising. The kid Darth Vader channeling the Force to lock the car in a recent Super Bowl commercial is a perfect example. Volkswagen, which used neuromarketing, contributed to a 26% surge in sales in the US.

The Magellan Group is developing a marketing plan for this new business for the Canisius CPD.