Bornhava is an early childhood pre-school for children from birth to 5 years of age with developmental disabilities. Its mission is to provide early intervention and preschool programming in a nurturing, family setting that supports their move towards a least restrictive environment.

Bornhava, like so many non-profit organizations in this time of healthcare reform, must focus on its organizational performance and competitive edge. The Oishei Foundation, Tower Foundation and Health Foundation of Western and Central New York have identified this as a major area of concern for agencies servicing vulnerable populations. They have come together to fund an initiative called GetSET (Success in Extraordinary Times).

The Magellan Group was selected to work with Bornhava on a two-year project to assist in its organizational development, creation of a capacity plan and a value proposition, which they can take to payors in support of new or additional funding. As we close in on the end of year one, we have seen tremendous growth at both the board and organization executive level. We expect great things on the horizon for Bornhava! Visit Bornhava at