The Magellan Group has been selected as the Organizational Development consultants to work with Bornhava.  Bornhava is an early intervention and preschool program, nurturing and educating children with developmental disabilities from birth to five-years of age.

Our role is to assess the organization on eight core competencies, facilitate the development of a capacity plan and create a value proposition to make a case for increased funding and support.

GetSET is a collaborative project between the Oishei Foundation, Tower Foundation and Health Foundation of Western & Central New York.  GetSET is a two-year, team-based approach to capacity building that is designed to help mid-sized health, behavioral health, and human services organizations strengthen their infrastructure at the operations level.

Many nonprofit health, behavioral health and human services organizations are facing a rapidly changing fiscal environment that includes an increased demand for services; operating within a managed-care system; the impact of Medicaid reform and loss of the fee-for-service payment model; loss of traditional sources of revenue such as government programs; and reduced access to general operating dollars through private donations or philanthropic support.

If community-based providers aren’t able to respond to and thrive within the new fiscal reality, there is the risk that quality services to vulnerable populations like frail elders and children living in poverty will be compromised.